How Memory Techniques Got Me Free Pizza!

A lot of people think memory techniques are just cool tricks that don't have any real use. Uh getting free pizza is a real use wouldn't you say? haha Hear how I used my memory skill to score me some free pizza! I know memorize all those cards and numbers weren't useless haha

I was with some friends at a pizza place who knew about memory ability. It turns out my friend had a friend, let's call him Mark, who worked there so when he saw me in line, my friend said to Mark, "This is the guy who can memorize all sorts of stuff and is a Grandmaster of Memory."

Mark was all excited and starting to ask all these questions, but he then asked me the question... "Can you memorize the pizza menu!?" I said, "I dunno... I'm going to eat some pizza right now." He said to memorize it after I ate my pizza. Oh great! haha We got our pizza, sat down, started eating it. When Mark had a free moment, he came over and told me he would give me 15 minutes to memorize the whole menu and if I did it, I would get free pizza! Of course I said deal. It's free food haha

The condition I had was I to memorize every single thing on that menu. The tag line of the place and a little background paragraph of the pizza place. I had to memorize every single word! It was like the poetry event at the USA Memory Championship! He said go and time started.

I never memorized a menu before so this was a new experience. What made memorizing the menu hard was items had similar ingredients like a pizza might have, tomatoes, sausage, pepperoni, and bacon but another pizza would have the exact same things except bacon. So I had to make sure I didn't mix pizzas or ingredients around.

Besides this one issue, the menu was just words and numbers together. I finished memorizing then took the remaining time to review the menu. BZZZZZ. Time up! I told Mark that I would recall the information by saying the pizza, ingredients, and then the price. Also if I messed up on anything, I told him to tell me because you can of lose yourself when recalling info.


I would go back and correct it. This was a high pressure recall because I had these people looking at the menu then me to see if I could do it! I was recalling all the pizzas like a pro, but then I got to the end. The end had to do with the paragraph about the pizza place, and I had to say it word for word. I say what I think it is...

Mark gets up, goes over to the counter, comes back,and slaps down gift cards for free pizza! Everyone was blown away by what I just did. So after that we started to have some fun by Mark and my friend saying pizza names or the ingredients then I had to say the corresponding information. So hey, you never know when memory techniques can get you free food so you need to always be ready haha

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