Not Organizing Information | Memory Mistake #4

Most of the time when you get information, it is not organize in the best way for you to learn it. But you might not even pay attention to how material is organize which is a mistake you want to avoid! Organizing can make learning material so much easier. A simple change in the organization can make it so much easier to learn the material. Many people, myself included, have made this mistake without realizing!

For example: Take the alphabet. You probably know the alphabet, right? Let's say you memorized the alphabet starting from A to Z , but maybe you want to be able to recall the alphabet backwards. Like how when the cops pull you over, you to repeat it backwards haha If you memorized it from A to Z, it's going to be more work for you to recall it backwards.


So it doesn't make sense to memorize the alphabet starting from A to Z. It's better to organize information from Z to A, because all you have to do to recall the alphabet backwards is to go forward in the way you memorized it.

Organizing information makes a huge difference when learning because you're able to tailor it to however you're going to be tested or quizzed on information. Or how you want to recall the material in general. Just take some time out before you start learning and see if the material can be organized better!

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