How To Beat Memory Tile Match Game

With some memory techniques, you can totally have an advantage in some games you play. Today, you learn how to win at the memory tile match game you have played at some point in your life. You might get so good that people don't want to play with you haha

If you don't know what the memory tile match game is, it is a game where you have like 30 tiles in a grid. The point of the game is to flip over tiles and match the pairs together. Usually there are duplicate pictures on the tiles you are matching in pairs. You want to make sure you pay attention when the other player goes because it might give you the missing tile you need. The game is over when all the tiles are gone, and you win if you have the most pairs.

Let's say you have a four by four gird which means you have 16 tiles. Create a memory palace with 16 locations in it. You will number the tiles in your head probably starting with the top left tile as 1 and the bottom right tile as 16. Once somebody flips a tile over, you go to corresponding location in your mind.

Then whatever the image is, maybe it's an elephant, you picture it in the location. Boom! Maybe someone flips over the fourth tile of an elephant so in the fourth location, you see an elephant tossing over your bookcase. The other tile she flipped is a pen which was the 16th tile. In your 16th location, you see a pin stabbing the fridge (16th location).

Now it is your turn so maybe you flip over the seventh tile and it is an elephant. Elephants? Hold on. You saw an elephant flipping over your bookcase. Bookcase was location 4 so the other elephant tile is tile four! You flip the tile over and you get the pair. it's so you get the pair, right? You just do this process for the rest of the game and you will win! haha

This memory match game is pretty easy when using memory techniques. People will be amazed and wonder how are you doing this? How you were winning every single time? All you have to say is that you get lucky haha Memory techniques can make you have advantages in a lot of games so go out and start winning!

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