Learn 10x Faster With This One Tip

Trying to learn faster and remember longer doesn't always have to be with a technique or a complex process. If you can apply this one simple tip, you can learn 10x faster! If you want to learn 10x faster, make whatever you are learning interesting! Find a way to make the material interesting.

Think of a time when you were learning something you really thought was so interesting. You just couldn't stop learning! You couldn't have stopped reading that book. You just kept going and got lost in the book. This is the power of being interested in what you're learning. Now if you're bored and you find the material dumb, it is a battle to learn it because you are not focus on the material and rather not learn it.

Boring information makes you learn so much slower plus you probably go over the material multiple times just to remember something! But is is your mission to turn the boring information into something interesting. This will keep you motivated in learning the material and forget how boring the information actually is.

The idea is to try to keep the momentum when you are learning because you get lost in the material and remember so much more without any techniques. If you like video games or movies, you probably have no trouble continuing to play or watch because you are so interested you get lost in the game or movie!

What takes work is trying to find a way to making boring interesting. For example: I hated language arts when I was in school because it was reading and all these papers you had to write haha The way I made language arts interesting is I saw it as a chance to train with memory techniques.

It got me interested in language arts because I had to find away to apply the techniques to new information I have never tried to apply them to. Just by being interested, I was able to remember more information without using any techniques. So you have to do the same thing when you are learning material you hate, find boring, or lame. Just make it interesting!

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