Is There Impossible Information To Learn/Memorize?


No matter how difficult material may seem to be, memory techniques can still be applied even though it may take a bit of work. Maybe there is some information out there where memory techniques can't be used. Is there information out there that you can't apply memory techniques to?

Memory techniques are meant to be applied to any type of material out there, no matter how simple or how complex it is. There is always a way to apply memory techniques. When I first started out, I thought memorizing a deck of cards was impossible. You had to be superhuman to do it but guess what? I learned some memory techniques and... Boom!

I can memorize a deck of cards plus numbers, binary faces, names, words, spoken numbers, and more. All this information seemed impossible to memorize but if you learn the right techniques, you're able to memorize it, so this material wasn't impossible to memorize.

It was more of a question of how do I use these memory techniques to learn this information? Personally, I don't believe there is impossible information out there that can't be memorized because in some fashion, memory techniques can still be applied to "impossible material." When I went to China, I had to memorize cow patterns broken into puzzle pieces which was something completely new and abnormal.


Even though I never memorized anything like it, I was able to figure out the right memory techniques to memorize all cow patterns. The same was true for the game show I did in California where I had to memorize numbers on keys and the doors the keys belonged to. I was still able to use memory techniques to accomplish this memory challenge. There is material out there really hard or just plain weird to memorize but not impossible.

For example: Memorize the position of all the tiny holes in ceiling tiles. I have really thought about this and how I would go about memorizing this information! I didn't think of a way to do it because why would I ever need to do that haha But if I needed to and put the time in, I could find a way to memorize all the holes in the tiles. I am sharing this idea with you because if there is impossibles information you can't memorize with memory techniques, this would mean memory techniques have some sort of limit.

Even though something might be impossible, your skill of memory is going to get better and better by trying to use memory techniques to memorize it because you will think of new ways to use memory techniques you never thought of before. You skill with memory techniques would keep growing with this impossible information. I would love to hear your thoughts about any information you think is impossible to learn/memorize.

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