Not Having Fun With Memory Techniques | Memory Mistake #3

A lot of material you learn will be boring, but using memory techniques adds fun and excite in learning since you are creating images and stories. But if you find yourself not having fun when using memory techniques, you are making a big mistake! When people learn information, they get lost in the information they're learning.

They might have to read 20 pages or learn 30 vocabulary words, but people get bored trying to learn the material even though they are using memory techniques. They forget to have fun with memory techniques. Memory techniques are supposed to be fun since you're using your imagination to create these images and stories.

These wild, fun, crazy stories make memory techniques fun to use. How often do you get to picture a spider stealing a taco when learning! So if you're not having fun using memory techniques, then you're using them wrong and whatever your learning is going to take a lot longer because now you're bored, frustrated, and losing focus.

If you find yourself in this situation, the images and stories you are creating must be really boring and not very creative. Using memory techniques doesn't give you an automatic pass of to instantly learning the information and having fun. You really do have to pay attention to what you are creating because it's so easy to fall back into your old habits and getting bored easily when learning.

Personally I know how it is to apply memory techniques and still be bored especially when I was learning chemical engineering. I thought the material was boring and just wanted to be done studying. Sometimes when i finished studying, I couldn't recall the information even with memory techniques because I didn't use creativity and imagination when creating my images/stories.

Using memory techniques and having fun pretty much go hand in hand. Enjoying memory techniques is what makes learning so much more fun, easier, and makes the whole process just more efficient and effective. So always remember... Have FUN!

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