Panda Dancing For A Lion | Story Time #1

I'm going to start a brand new series called story time. I will tell you a story, but you want to wait til the end because there's something amazing that happens! Here is today's story: Picture yourself in the jungle with bamboo growing out of the ground.

You see this panda eating some bamboo and having the time of its life. This lion jumps out of some bushes and makes the panda dance for him. The lion says, "DANCE FOR ME!!!" Out of nowhere, Donald Trump comes out and tries to steal the mane off the lion. The lion is crying, screaming, and yelling for help!

Trump manages to steal the mane from the lion then puts the mane on himself. He thinks he looks amazing and all the animals are jealous of him haha And he puts it all himself. But Trump had to fix his bra he was wearing because it moved in the fight with the lion.

When he touches his bra, a whole bunch of ants come out of the bra! Trump screams! The ants then make a rope and tie up Trump. The ants drag him through the jungle by the rope. They all arrive at a kangaroo. The kangaroo takes the rope ans spins Trump around.

Hopefully you imagined the story. You might be wondering why did I tell you this story. It seems so random and weird! But little did you know that I sneaked the 7 continents in the story haha Not just that but you learned them in order from biggest to smallest.

The story started out with a panda eating bamboo. Pandas are found in Asia. ASIA is the biggest continent. A lion makes the panda dance. Lions are found in Africa. AFRICA is second biggest. Donald Trump fights the lion. Trump is the USA president which the USA is in North America. NORTH AMERICA. Trump fixes his bra. Bra sounds like Brazil which is in South America. SOUTH AMERICA.


Ants then came out of the bra. Ants sound like Antarctica. ANTARCTICA. The ants then tied Trump up with a rope. Rope sounds like Europe. EUROPE. The ants give the rope to a kangaroo. Kangaroos are found in Australia. AUSTRALIA is the last and smallest continent! All you have to do to recall the 7 continents is to recall this story. Look forward for the next story and see what else you will learn haha

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