Overusing Memory Techniques | Memory Mistakes #6

"I thought you wanted me to use memory techniques!?" I know it seems weird that using memory techniques can be a mistake, but it is true! Memory techniques are meant to help you learn faster and remember info longer, so it makes sense that you would want to use memory techniques all the time.


Using memory techniques take effort because you have to get or create a memory palace, have memory systems, and stop the flow of what you are learning then apply them. Maybe you can't apply memory techniques with no effort like how it is easy and effortless to talk or read. So if you are learning something for fun, like reading about puppies, you don't want to feel like you are doing work.

Applying memory techniques in this situation would ruin the whole idea of reading for fun. You just want to read without any work and enjoy what you are reading. You will remember information naturally because you are having fun. No need for memory techniques here. Know the situation you are in so you don't overuse memory techniques!

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