What Do You REALLY Need To Learn?

You might think you have to learn whatever information you are given because why else would you be given it, right? Well it turns out you might not need to learn everything but only a handful of things! If you are given a sheet of paper or a book, you think that you have to learn everything on the sheet or in the book.


This is not true. You have to ask yourself: What do you really have to learn? Just because you have a sheet or a book in front of you doesn't mean all of the material has to be learned/memorized. This is where understanding comes into play. I had a blog explaining the difference between understanding and memorizing.

Once you truly understand what you're learning, then you're able to memorize so much more effectively and efficiently. Let's take math for an example. I know you may dislike math but hang on haha There's these things called derivatives and integrals. If you take a derivative of an equation, it gets you a new equation. If you take an integral, it also gets you a new equation. Okay so what does this mean in normal talk?

Let's say you have an acceleration equation. Acceleration is like gravity. You have an acceleration equation and take the derivative of the equation which gives you the velocity equation. You take the derivative of the velocity equation and get the distance equation. If you didn't understand the material, you would memorize all three equations.

BUT if you understand the material, you then know you only have to memorize the acceleration equation because you can get the other two equations by taking the derivative of the acceleration equation. What you really had to memorize and learn was the acceleration equation and not the other two. The same idea applies to any information you're learning, not just math. So you really do need to ask yourself when you learn information: What do you really have to learn?

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