How To Remember Where You Parked Your Car

If you ever forgot where you parked your car, you probably freak out like I do! You probably think someone stole your car haha Never forget where you parked your car again with this memory technique! I'm going to help prevent a scary situation from happening!


One time, I was at a party at the park, so I had to park along some street somewhere. After the party was over, I went back to my car because I wanted to go home. I went down a street, but I didn't see my car. UH OH! What just happened? Did I park in front of someone's driveway, and they had a towed? What is going on? I was totally freaking out!

I couldn't believe I just lost my car. I was in in Denver, and I lived in Greeley. I really didn't feel like walking all 50 miles home haha I didn't know how I would face my mom and tell her I lost the car! But this method you're going to learn will prevent all of this mess! It is simple and straight to the point.

When you park your car, there is usually something around you like an item or landmark. What you're gonna do is you're going to create a story between the landmark or item around you and your car. Let's say where you parked your car there are lion statues.

You will picture these two lions crushing your car. When you are ready to leave, you ask yourself where is your car? You remember seeing your car crushed by lion statues. You now know your car is next to the lion statues, so you can find the right street or spot to get to your car. This is exactly what I should of done in order to prevent myself from having a mini heart attack!

You would also know if you are on the wrong street because you are not see the item or landmark in your story. This technique is very simple and quick to use. The trigger for the whole technique is your car which is acting like a location to the actual location of your car. Pretty neat huh!

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