Angry Bear Coming Out Of Laundry | Story Time #3

You're in your laundry room, and you see this big pile of laundry all the way to the ceiling. You tell yourself it's going to take you a year to do all of the laundry. All of a sudden, boom!! A bear burst out of the laundry pile all angry like and starts knocking everything over.

Shakes your washing machine, until he breaks it. He Knocks your laundry detergent off the shell. This bear is mad, but then he pulls out this bar and starts chasing you around because the bear is going to beat you with the scream haha

How long has this bear been living in the laundry room!? You're terrified, but you have this big hydraulic press so you push the button. The press crushes the bear like a pancake. When the press lifts up, a whole bunch of cents shoots out of the money. The bear's blood was money haha But you accept the cents and take all the money!

What exactly is this story? You have this big pile of laundry. Pile sounds like denial. DENIAL. The story is about the 5 stages of grief! The bear burst out of the laundry being angry. Angry is anger. ANGER. He pulls out this bar and starts chasing you. Bar is bargaining. BARGAINING.

The bear gets pressed. Press is depression. DEPRESSION. The press lifts and there is a whole bunch of cents coming out of the bear and you accept this gift. Accept cents is acceptance. ACCEPTANCE. You know the five stages of grief now! All you have to do is to recall the story, and you'll be able to remember the five stages.

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