How To Memorize Vocabulary

Ever read a book and came across a word you didn't know? Started a new subject and had to learn all new terms? You will always come across words you don't know so better learn a technique to memorize vocabulary!


The first step is to create a location from the word or definition. The example word we're using is 'aloof - to be distant.' Aloof makes me think of a loaf of bread. So a bakery is going to be the location. The next step is to change the word into an image which I just gave you, right? Aloof is a loaf of bread. Boom! Now for step three, you're creating an image for the definition 'to be distant.'

Distant makes me think of disc and ant. The last step is to connect the images in the location and create a little story. At this bakery, you see this big loaf of bread being made. All the sudden, this ant comes in and throws this disc that cuts the loaf of bread. Everyone starts to scream and cry in the bakery.Let's say you're reading a book and you see aloof.

Aloof reminds me of a bakery because of a loaf of bread. In the bakery, there was this big loaf of bread. Then an aunt throws a disc at the bread. Disc and aunt is distant. A loaf of bread is aloof. Aloof means to be distant! I know it took a bit to explain in words to explain the whole process but in your mind, all of this will happen in a few seconds so don't worry! Now you are able to memorize vocabulary so go out there and be a walking dictionary!

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