Why Some Information Is More Difficult Than Others

Not all material is created equally which is a shame haha Depending on what you are learning, you need to realize ahead of time if the material is harder or easier so you can plan according! Take a grocery list for example. List are very simple, right?

All you have to do to learn the foods you need to buy by using the story method. But now let's say you're trying to learn calculus, Algebra, or physics. All of a sudden, things got really complicated because there are so many more factors involved these subjects I just listed.

It's these factors which make it more difficult to learn even with memory techniques. For example: If you're trying to learn medical diseases, you might have to learn the symptoms of each disease and then the treatment to each disease.

You have these different parts to medical diseases, while a grocery list with a few words. There's nothing else you could do with a list. A big factor which makes something harder is how you have to recall the information. For a list, you just recall the items and you're done.

But maybe with the medical diseases you have the teacher quizzing you or you have this patient who is sick And the question/patient has X, Y and Z symptoms. You have to go through all your medical diseases to see which ones have similar symptoms and could be the possible disease the person has or answer to the question. So it's a little bit more complicated on the recall, right?

I just wanted you to be aware of why some materials are more difficult than others plus give you some of the factors. So it is okay if it is taking you longer to learn something. Also if you are struggling with using memory techniques, it's not because the techniques aren't working, but you need to be more creative in how you apply for the info.

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