Create A Training Schedule | Memory Competitions #3

You need to prepare for all the events at a memory competition, and the best way to do this is to create a training schedule. It is easy to only practice events you like and forget about the lamer events like names and faces haha At the end of the day, you need to practice every event! 


Having a training schedule allows you to know what event you are training for on a specific day. You are able to prepare by having the right palaces ready and freshening up on any memory system you might be using. For example: If you are doing the hour card event, you will use a lot of memory palaces so you have to make sure you know all the locations in the palace and have the order of the palaces ready.

It is very hard to random decided to do the hour card event because you have to get the palaces, review your card system, and shuffle all the decks you are going for. A schedule helps keep you in so you don't run into problems like this. Your schedule isn't set in stone and can change depending on how well you are doing in the events and how close the competition is.

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