Why Memory Is Important Today!

How many times have you forgot  person's name right after you met them? Or how many times have you studied all night and the next morning you don't remember 90% of what you studied?

In toady's world, you have more information than ever in order for you to be on top of things. Many people think you can just use technology to keep track of everything and they don't have to do nothing. Well what if this happens...

Your phone dies and you need to make an important business call but you can't know since you don't know the number. Or maybe your whole month's schedule gets deleted and you have no idea what has to get done such as projects for school, work, or time sensitive tasks. One  more thing that can happen is if your power point presentation doesn't work or gets deleted,  so you just stand up their not knowing what to say because you were relying on the slides.

Technology can fail and it always fails when you need it the most but a fix to a lot of these problems is learning how to improve your memory. But how much difference can having a good memory affect your life? Here are a true story on the power of memory:

Napoleon Bonaparte could recall the names, rank, and personal details of his soldiers that he met out on the field. His ability to do this was what made him into the power leader he was. Napoleon would visit the field and mingle with his soldiers in order to help boost morale and relate to them since he started out as a mere soldier on the front line. What happened for Napoleon by connecting with his soldiers? He had an army of men who would go to the ends of the earth for him.

Well I don' think you are trying to create an empire or anything (I hope not!) but memory can help you reach success if it's in business, school, or life in general. Let's take business for example.

So many business only care about making money form people that they lost the personal connection and touch. Nobody wants to do business with someone they don't trust and connect with. But how do you do this? By being able to remember people's names and personal information. Just think what can happen if you can connect with people in a personal level. You can have new business, build new relationships, or show people you care. Being able to remember names and personal information takes energy and effort.

Or take school for another example. You have so much information to remember in each classes and it is easy to get overwhelmed but if you improved your memory, school would be easy. If you could learn information quickly, know where the information is stored , and be able to recall at at a moment's notice, you would be able to fly through school. This is what I did in college. I studied less than everyone else but still got better grades!

Technology is good but there are some things that you can't use it for. You have to rely on your memory alone and if you don't work on improving your memory, you will fail when the time comes. 

If you are trying to run an empire, get more business, build relationships, or are a student, improving your memory is the most important thing you can do!

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