Last Chapter: Becoming Free

In Chapter 2, I knew that I couldn’t go on being pressured, stressed, and worried for junior year, senior year, and then college. But how could I overcome the wall?

The break through actually came in a strange way that wasn’t school or memory related. It came from working out.

During my junior year, my brother got a pull up bar and I decided to try to do some pull ups. Uh let’s say I could do one and a half!


I was disappointed for being weak so I decided to start working out in order to get stronger. I started to work out every day, eat healthy, and push myself to new limits. Back then my best was doing 20+ pulls ups and one Christmas Eve I did 2400 push ups just because I wanted to see if I could. And I did it!

But school was different because I couldn’t decide to studied for only 2 hours and learn everything. I had to study till I remembered and learned all the material.

I was just repeating information over and over until I got it. I had nothing else to go off of.

I started to think was there a way to work out your mind and memory so you can learn faster and remember for longer. If I could get stronger and do 2400 push ups, then I knew it was possible to improve memory!

Then one day I heard about these competitions where people tested their memories and I was blown away and decided I was going to figure out how to improve my memory!

Sometime passed and I was working on a system to remember cards because this was an event at one of these competitions to remember a deck of cards. Then I sat down a memorized a shuffled deck of cards in 30 minutes! I thought I was the coolest person!

I did what I thought was impossible but I started to look at the bigger picture. I could apply what I learned about remembering cards in my school work. Also, if I could remember a deck of cards in like 10 minutes or so then it would be easy to learn Spanish, equations, historical dates, and all information in school.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I applied these keys I discovered to my school work and something magical happened. I was studying less but still getting A’s! But I also learned something as well.

Grades don’t define me… I realized grades can never determine what I can do or who I am. So I didn’t care about my grades anymore. No one should! Caring about your grades makes you stress and nervous all the time.

Just stop caring about grades but always give your best. Go for A’s but don’t ruin your life trying to get them.

But I still went for A’s because I knew it was possible and it would help with college and scholarships. Except now I wasn't getting stress or sick over my grades. My junior year was the changing point of all this.

Improving my memory helped me overcome my stress, nervousness, pressure, and sickness from school. But it also helped me get straight A’s in school and I became valedictorian!

Junior year, senior year, and college were a walk in the park because I had the ability to learn anything quickly and remember it whenever I wanted to.

This is a reason why I want to help people improve their memory. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like I did: stressed out, sick, pressured, or worried because those feelings have no benefits.

That is why I have this program that teaches you everything I know about how to improve your memory: 
Improve Your Memory Program

If you have a child who is a student or even if you are a student, you and your child are going to feel pressured and stressed about doing well in school. But learning from me how to improve their memory will allow them to be less stress, study less, get better grades, and be set for the rest of their educational career.

At work and  in business, you have new information to learn, have to remember names, give presentations, and more, but  learning how to improve your memory so you can remember tall that stuff will make your job so much easier! You will stand out and have an advantage over everyone else.

Maybe you are getting older and are scared that you are getting Alzheimer when you forget one thing. Improving your memory will help you get confidence back in yourself and your memory. Now you can do something about being forgetful.

Change your life for the better by improving your memory: Improve Your Memory Program

This was my journey to improving my memory. It’s been a long road but it has lead me to become a Grandmaster of Memory and break multiple memory records.

There is nothing special about me. All of you can improve your memory and do what I can. Let me help you improve your memory and don’t let a wall stop you like it almost stopped me.

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