How To Remember Numbers! (Simple Method)

Do you have trouble remembering numbers? Are you part of the population that hates anything that deals with numbers? Well if you are, after you learn this quick method you will be memorizing numbers for fun! Let's get started!

Each number is going to have a letter assigned to it. Then you will create a word using that specific letter. and the last step is to create a story between the images starting with the first images and going from there. Here are what the letters are for the numbers:

0 - S or Z
1 - T
2 - N
3 - M
4 - R
5 - L
6 - G or J
7 - C
8 - F
9 - P or B

Let's do an example. Say you have the numbers 147 You will make a word up for each of the numbers. 1 = Mr. T, 4 = Ram, and 7 = Cat. Now you would create a story starting with Mr. T. It might go something like this:

In a play ground, I see Mr. T swinging on the swing when all of a sudden a Ram charges at him making him fly off the swing. The ram is cracking up when a Cat jumps from a jet and lands on the ram. The cat rides the ram like a bull and claws the ram at the same time.

That is one weird story but it works! Now to recall the numbers just recall the story starting at the beginning. But you first need to learn the code above but after that you will be good.

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