No More Forgetting Info Right After You Learn It With The Last Key To Memory

The last key to improving your memory is concentration. You might be thinking that is so obvious and simple. Has this ever happened to you: you are out and meeting new people. You meet someone, “Hi my name is Johnny.” Beth says, “Hi my name is Beth.” You walk away then pause. You ask yourself, “What was the name of the person I just met!” You literally just met the person but already forgot her name. How embarrassing! Why does this happen?

Well, let me ask you: when you’re learning information, what other things are you doing? Are you texting, eating food, on the internet, or watching TV shows? If you’re doing these other things, you’re not going to be able to remember the information you’re trying to learn. The reason why is because your concentration is split. In order for you to actually learn information, you have to be fully focused on what you’re doing. Especially now since you’re gonna be learning information in new way and creating these images/stories, you really have to concentrate on the images/stories that you’re creating. You want them to seem like they’re really happening and that your stores are coming alive. It will take 100% of your concentration.

You can’t be texting, eating, watching TV shows, or watching YouTube.You have to fully concentrate on what you’re trying to learn. This is how concentration ties ll the keys to memory together. It doesn’t matter if you have location or imagination. If you’re lacking concentration, you’re really going to go see your images or stories in their locations, so you do need to concentrate when you’re trying to learn information.

Concentration is so huge that even without the other keys, imagination and location, if you just concentrate, you’ll be amazed by how much more information you can actually remember. While there you go, you’re just learning the three keys to improving your memory: imagination, location and concentration. If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program:

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