Simple But Powerful Memory Technique: Story Method

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You are about to learn your first memory technique hope you’re really excited because I’ve really been waiting to teach you some memory techniques. The memory technique you’re going to learn is very basic, but it’s also super powerful because you can apply it to any type of information out there. This technique is called the story method.

If you ever had a list like a grocery list and forgot to take the list, you’re probably in some trouble when you get to the store haha Then when you get to the store, you have no clue what was on the list. maybe there was hot dog or something like that. You didn’t attach the information to anything, so it is floating in your around your head. This is why it is hard to remember the list, but once you use the story method, you’re able to connect everything together in a story which will allow you to trigger all the other information.

Let’s us the method now with the following words: tree, car, gummy bear, raptor, jet back. What I’m gonna do is connect all these words together in a story. Now the story is go start with the first word, a tree, and then I’m just gonna create the story from there. Here is the story:

I’m outside at a park, and there’s this big magnificent tree there who has amazing leaves. Maybe the tree is combing his leaves. The tree looks at the street and sees this nice car. Maybe it’s like a Ferrari or Bugatti. The tree wants the car, so the tree literally uproots itself, runs over to this car, and hops into it. And when the tree is about to take off this gummy bear comes and hijacks the car from the tree.The gummy bear opens the door, but a raptor runs out of nowhere and eats the gummy bear. The trees is like, oh, what just happened? So the raptor pulls out this jet pack, puts it on, and flies away. This is the story created in order to remember the five words. Take a moment and try to recall the whole story from memory and try to recall the words. Then check how you did!

You might need to get use to creating fun and creative stories, but you really want to get a handle on this method because you can use it in many situations and types of information. So how are you gonna practice this memory technique? Get some random words of 10 words or 15 words then just create a story like I did for the 5 words. After you create the story then try to recall the words from memory from the story You will have a lot of fun practicing the story method because you’re gonna be creating some weird, crazy stories. I would love to hear the craziest things that you’re picturing. Leave a comment with what crazy stories you come up with because I love to see the imagination people have! If you want to learn more memory techniques, get your free memory program: