The Difference Between Memorizing And Understanding


If you think you can just memorize everything and be just fine, you are in for a rude awakening! Memorizing is fantastic and helps you learn information but without understanding the material, you have absolutely nothing. When people learn about memory techniques, they want to memorize every single piece of information because they think memorizing the information is good enough. But memorizing information is completely different than understanding information.

Let’s say you have a math test. For the math test, you have all these different equations you need to memorize in order to solve the problems. So you go through memorizing all the equations and think that’s good enough. When the test comes, you’re able to recall the equations, but you have no clue on how to use them to solve the problems. Well, this is where understanding comes in.


Just because you’re able to memorize and recall the equations doesn’t mean you instantly know how to use the equations. Understanding is being able to apply the equation. But in order for you to understand the equations, you have to remember the information you want to apply. You might know how to use and apply the equations but if you can’t remember the equations, then you’re stuck. Just plain and simple. You can see how memorizing and understanding go hand in hand. You need to be able to recall information so you can use your understanding of the material to solve the problem.

You can’t just memorize everything and expect to be fine. Memorizing is not understanding. You can memorize the concepts of quantum mechanics, all the different equations, or whatever it may be, but that does not mean you understand how quantum mechanic works or how to apply the information, right?These two concepts are completely different things. It is tempting to think about how all these memory techniques makes learning so you just want to rely on them.

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