What Are Memory Techniques?

Since you are learning memory techniques, also know as mnemonics, you should know what memory techniques are. You might be surprised to find out that you have been using them since you were small without knowing it!

When you learned the alphabet, you probably learned learned a song that went with the ABC’s. You were singing the letters instead of just repeating the them over and over. Singing the alphabet is a mnemonic because it helps you remember the alphabet.


You also probably have used acronyms. where you have words and take the first letter of each word to create a word. For example: call to action would be CTA. These both are memory techniques. The memory techniques are going to learn are a little bit more complex than the ones I just mentioned but at the end of the day, anything that’s going to help you remember information is a memory technique.

Even though you’re going to learning new memory techniques doesn’t mean singing or using acronyms won’t work. Those techniques still work. All you are doing is adding more tools in your toolbox to use to remember information. How cool is that? Some memory techniques might be easier to use than others. Personally, making a song out of information seems like a hard task because you have to match the tune to the material.

I have no idea how they came up with the alphabet song! There are different levels of complexity like a 1 digit number system is less complex than a 2 digit number system. With practice and me showing you step by step on how to using memory techniques, you will have a solid foundation in using memory techniques regardless of complexity. You’ll be learning as much as possible so you’re able to learn any type of information out there which is my purpose.

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