Keeping Your Stories Simple | Memory Mistakes #1

In this blog post, I am starting a new series where you will learn about memory mistakes I have made in my journey of improving my memory. I am sharing these mistakes with you so you can avoid them all together! Why make a mistake when you don’t have to? The very first mistake we’re going to talk about is keeping your stories simple and short.

People create your images and think, “Hey, if I make my story really short and simple it will be able easier to remember since a lot is not going on.” This couldn’t be more wrong! You have to do the exact opposite of this. When creating stories, it is not the time to make them boring and plain. Use your creativity and imagination! Your stories should be crazy, weird, outlandish, and full of emotion. Let your imagination run wild.

If you have a dinosaur and a car, don’t make a story like I saw a dinosaur in a car. Yes, it’s unusual for a dinosaur to be in a car, but nothing imaginative is really happening in the story. BORING! How about this story: This dinosaur went up to this car and started to bench press the car because the dinosaur wanted to impress a poodle! Now this is a story haha. You can see the difference between the two stories. The more creative the story, the easier it will be for you to remember. Why not make it easier for yourself?

Have fun with each story you create! Be Creative, be imaginative. The more you tap into your imagination, will make creating stories easier and easier. In the beginning, it might seem hard to make these creative stories which is because you’re not use to creating crazy, weird, and outlandish stories. That’s okay. As you practice, creating stories will become second nature.

Quick! A pencil and a tub. I walk into my bathroom and I hear the water running. I pull back the curtain and see this pen taking a bath in my tub. The pen screams at me to get out!

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