Creativity Exercise: What Can It Be?


I’m going to give you a fun creative exercise. This exercise is going to help you be more creative and imaginative, so memory techniques are easier to use. It’s called: What can it be? This is how it works: Take a random item like a lint roller.

Then you are going think of as many uses for the random it. For example: A lint roller takes fuzz off your clothes or bed. You could use a lint roller to smack a spider or something. But I don’t want you to think in terms of what people already use it for. That’s not creative, right? You just using what’s already out there.

Use your imagination! Maybe you could use a lint roller as toilet paper. Wouldn’t that be fun! haha But if you really needed to, you could use it as toilet paper, right? So you start thinking about these new uses for the specific item you have. Give yourself 5 minutes to write down as many uses as possible for the item. Make a note of how many uses you got in 5 minutes because the next time you do the exercise try to beat your last score.

Every time you do the exercise, you are getting more and more creative. When you’re connecting images, you have to use your creativity and imagination to make the connection strong. You don’t want the connection to be boring or bland. You can use any item around you for this exercise like a watch. How can you use a watch creatively besides keeping time? Maybe you could use it as a hook to fish with because it has that little pointy thing to put bait on.

You need to be creative when using memory techniques, and this exercise is going to help you do that. Plus you will come up with some crazy and funny ideas doing this exercise so have fun with it!

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