Memory Improvement Games Don’t Work

You can’t just play a “memory game” then all of a sudden, you have an amazing memory. Well, some websites want you to believe in this BS, but don’t fall for it! Don’t get me wrong. Anything you do that uses your brain is going to be beneficial for your brain. There’s a website out there where you could go and play all these different games for your memory. Here’s the thing… it’s completely worthless!


There is this one game where you have flashing squares on a grid and have to remember which squares flashed. It would seem if you went from a 10 by 10 to a 10 by 20 that your memory is improving since you increase the size and amount of flashing square you can remember.Well, you only improved your memory in the game. Let me ask you: How is remembering flashing squares going to help you learn a language, a book, or remember names? Exactly, it won’t!

Remembering flashing squares is not going to translate into anything useful. You can be the best at the game and have a 100 by 100 grid and remember the positions of 652 flashing squares, but it is all worthless. People saying memory games work are just full of it! Now, memory techniques on the other hand are extremely useful because you could apply them to any information.

It is true I memorize decks of cards which is pretty useless because I won’t every have to memorize a deck for useful purposes unless I go to Vegas haha But I am using the memory palace method and my card system to memorize a deck of cards.

The practice I get with the memory techniques on a deck can be used on vocabulary, languages, or a book since the foundation will be the same in all cases. This why memory techniques are really the best way to improve your memory because they actually work on all types of information, not just one specific thing like a memory game.

Don’t waste your money or time on these useless memory games. I just want you to be aware of this because you could play these games and think your memory improved but turns out your memory is still the same. I want to be completely honest with you when it comes to anything that is suppose to improve your memory.

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