How To Memorize Dreams

You probably have some amazing dreams that you would want to share with people but isn't it a shame when you forget your dreams 10 seconds after you wake up haha Here is a techniques that will make this a thing of the past! What happens when you wake up? You just had these vivid and amazing dreams.

You tell yourself, "I'm not going to forget these dreams because they are so cool!" But you go brush your teeth or go eat something and all of a sudden when you try to think about the dreams, you completely forget them and have no clue what they were even about. No matter how hard you think, you just can't find your dreams. It's like they just got stolen.

This memory technique is going to help you remember your dreams. The first step is to create a memory palace. You can have as many locations as you want in the memory palace. If you want to have a collection of your dreams, you would want a good amount of locations. You want to have the palace ready before you wake up and want to remember a dream.


What happens is when you wake up, you're gonna be in a kind of groggy phase where you're kind of sleep but kind of awake. Your dreams are really vivid at this moment. The next step is to take a key picture from your dream and place it in a location. So let's say your dream was about Pikachu surfing on a whole bunch of gummy bears over all these babies.

Maybe the location is your friend's front door. So at the location, you see Pikachu tossing gummy bears at the door. After you wake up, eventually all these dreams are gone but to recall your dreams, you think of the location and the images are triggered. "At my friend's front door, I saw Pikachu throwing gummy bears.

Oh yeah, I dreamed about Pikachu surfing on gummy bears over babies." Your dreams are still in your memory somewhere, but you lost the trigger to activate the dreams With this technique, you know exactly where the trigger is so you can active the dreams when you want. Now you are able to share your crazy, weird, and amazing dreams with anyone! Feel free to share your dreams with me!

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