Don't Figure Out Missing Info | Memory Training Tips #1

A new series where I give you training tips I have learned along the way of my memory improvement journey. This tip may sound crazy and weird but trying to figure out missing info can be a huge waste of time!

I'm going to start a brand new series called memory training tips because there are so many things I learned from memory training that I want to share with you so you could get the best memory possible. The very first tip is when you're practicing memorizing information, don't try to figure out missing information.

It's a complete waste of time. For example: If you're memorizing names, you might have 20 names to memorize, but maybe you missed 5 names. You think, "Hey let me try to figure these 5 names out." Maybe you spend 10 or 15 minutes on these 5 names trying to figure them out.

Why this is a waste of time is because in those 15 minutes you could have done 2 more trials of names and improved more. You would have been practicing the technique more compared to figuring out the missing names. okay, they'll find names. Figuring out those 5 names wouldn't mean much because you lost out on time for training.

Now I am not saying you should just completely ignore the names and not even try to recall them. Give yourself like 10 seconds to recall the name then move on. Look at why you missed the names then apply what you learned in another trial. Now what i am saying about not figuring out missing info applies to training and not an actual test. You better use any extra time you have to figure out missing material!

It is better when training to do more trials instead of just trying to figure out missing material. It's not like it's a test or anything! haha Getting material wrong or missing info is okay in practicing memory techniques because nothing is at stake. Find the reason why you missed info, learn from it, and then apply your solution to the next trial.

I used to fall for this mistake all the time because I though getting everything perfect during practicing meant something amazing! But... It means nothing haha What I mean is you don't get a trophy, an A, or anything. So save your self from wasting time and don't try to figure out missing material when practicing.

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