Video Games Can Help Improve Your Memory


Growing up as a kid, all I heard was video games are bad for you and will rot your brain! You probably heard something similar at some point, but guess what? It's a lie! Video games can help you when you use memory techniques! Take that everyone who said video games are a waste of time haha

Video games are absolutely fantastic because you have a huge world that you get to explore plus you get all these crazy stories and interactive plot lines. You can create memory palaces from the worlds of video games. If you ever played the games Skyrim or Mass Effect, you can notice how much detail is added into the world and how many locations you can pick from!

I have created many memory palaces from video games. Some of these palaces were better than real places I have been! A few of my personal best scores for memory competitions happened when I used video game palaces. But why do video games work so well as palaces?

When you play a video game, you kind of feel like you are apart of the story, right? You play as the main character and start to develop emotions relating to the game. Also, having all this action, stories, and detail helps your imagination. When you're trying to create stories and images, you're able to use things that you saw in a video game in your own stories to make them more memorable.

Personally, video games play a huge role for me in my use of memory techniques if it's creating memory palaces or getting new ideas on how to make stories/images more interactive and vivid. Try to create a memory palace from a video game and see how it works for you. Also, see what different aspects you could take from it and apply to your own stories. Video games might work for you but only until you try will you find out. Not only fun but video games can really help you improve your memory!

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