Going To Use Memory Techniques| Memory Mistakes #2

This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to memory techniques! You want to starting using memory techniques to learn everything, BUT you never actually use them and go back to your old ways. When you are learning material, you might use a memory technique once but that is it! The way most people learn information is just repeating the material over and over and over.

You can’t just learn a memory technique and never use it but expect to get the benefits. Sadly, memory techniques don’t work this way. It is kind of like reading all the information about exercising and eating healthy and expecting to magically be in shape. No amount of reading can help you get healthier or fitter. You actually have to workout and eat healthy!

The same is true for memory techniques and improving your memory. You consciously have to put effort in applying the techniques when learning material. It might be a little bit weird or hard to use them in the beginning because you’re not use to them. But after you use, practice, and apply memory techniques for a while, they are going to be second nature when you have to use them. The only thing is you have to get to that point first.


The only way to get there is to start applying memory techniques ASAP! Don’t lie to yourself by saying, “I’m going to use memory techniques next time.” Just use them! I promise if you are always saying next time, you will never improve your memory and might as well stop learning memory techniques.Ease yourself into using memory techniques if you have to.

If you have two weeks before you need to know some vocabulary, this would be the perfect time to use the vocabulary method to memorize those vocabulary words. You start to get a feel on how the memory technique work and you have more confidence to apply the technique next time. This is the process you should follow for any new memory technique you learn. The techniques themselves are not really hard but applying them consistently is what’s going to take work.

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