Memorize Any Number With This Simple Number System

How could would it be to memorize any number you came across? Well, you’re going to be able to do this by learning a simple number system! It’s called the number rhyme system. All numbers are made up of 10 digits: zero, one, two three four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. These ten digits makeup every single number out there.


So what you’re going to do is create images for each of those digits, but you’re gonna make the image based off the rhyme of the number. For example: Zero sounds like hero. You would picture your hero like Batman or Iron Man. One is sun or gun. Two is shoe. Three is tree. Four is door. Five is hive. Six is bricks or sticks. Seven is heaven or someone named Kevin. Eight is skate or plate. Nine is wine or dime.

Once you decide which image you want for each digit, you’re ready to memorize numbers. All your’re doing is using the story method to connect the images for the digits together. Let’s say we have the numbers: 1415. You see the sun (1) surfing on this door. (4), but then this other sun (1) comes and steals the door from the first sun. The Sun that stole the door is running but trips into a beehive (5) and gets stung by all of the bees. The location for the story takes place at the beach since the sun was surfing.

To recall it, you think about the beach and see this sun surfing. Oh yeah, sun is one. The sun was surfing on this door which means the next digit is four. This other sun came and stole the door from stolen the other sun which means the next number is one. The sun tripped into a beehive which is five. The number was 1415. BOOM! You memorized that number just like that. It is easy to memorize numbers using this very basic system so no need to be scared of numbers anymore haha

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