How To Memorize A Shopping List


How many times have you forgot to by an item when you went to the store? Yeah, me too! Forgetting to buy items will be a thing of the past with this memory technique on how to memorize shopping lists. No more lying to ourselves about how we don’t need a list and will remember what we need to buy at the store haha The shopping list you’re going to memorize is: eggs, ham, bananas, and milk.

The first thing you do is you picture the store you are going to buy the items from. The store is the location to store the information. Maybe the store is Walmart, King Soopers, or Safeway. Next you’re going to use the story method to connect all the items on the list together and visualize a story in the location.

This is how the technique will look like: You’re walking into Walmart when people start throwing eggs at me. You try to dodge as many eggs as possible but when these eggs crack, pigs come out the eggs. Ham is made out of pigs. All these little pigs run towards the bananas and start tossing these bananas like boomerangs at you! You are now trying to dodge all these banana boomerangs. Out of nowhere, this cow comes in and blocks these banana boomerangs. Milk comes from cows. The cow saves you from this horrible shopping experience!

This is the story I would create in order to remember the shopping list. To recall the list when you go to the store, you will see the entrance of the store and the story will be triggered. “Oh I see myself doing eggs with pigs coming out of them.” Then you will recall the list of eggs, ham, bananas, and milk. This technique is very simple and quick method to use to help you remember your shopping list.

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