Keep Track of Everything You’re Learning


Once you start using memory techniques, you will be learning a lot of information which is good, but it also means you have to keep track of it all! This is why you need to keep track of everything you’re learning or else you will have a huge problem. It is exciting to learn memory techniques because you have the power to learn anything you want!

But once you start learning a lot of material, you need to keep track of everything you are learning because if you don’t keep track of it, you’re going to forget the information. You then have two choices. Choice 1: You can relearn all the information you just forgot. Or choice 2: Forget the material and move on with your life. Both choices kind of suck, right? haha

You are going to learn different ways to review information, so you’re able to remember if for a lot longer. Also, you will learn memory techniques on how to remember the material you are learning, so you don’t need to write it down or anything. In the meantime, keep track of all the material you are learning in a journal or an Excel sheet unless your plan is to forget things you learned!

Here is an example of what could happen: You learn the USA presidents, but maybe it’s been weeks or a month later since you thought about the presidents. One day, you remember you learned the presidents, so you try to recall the presidents and can only say 5 of them.

The reason you forgot the presidents is because they got lost in all of the other information you are learning and reviewing. You didn’t take time to review the presidents, so you forgot them. Now you are stuck with the choices: Relearn them all or just forget them and move on. You’re stuck with that decision.

The worst thing about forgetting information is that you wasted all the time and energy you put into learning the material in the first place. Then if you want to relearn the information, you have to put MORE time and energy learning the material again. So if you’re like me, you want to remember all these things you learned only once haha

You really do need to keep track of everything right now, you are able to remind yourself that you need to review specific material. You will learn a memory technique where you are able to remember all the things you learned in your head so look forward for that!

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