What I Love Most About Memory Techniques

There are so many reasons to love memory techniques like learning faster, remembering material for longer, or impressing people with you memory power! Memory techniques are pretty cool because you’re able to memorize so much information in a small amount of time. Also, I’ve been able to learn information I’ve always wanted to learn like the periodic table of elements and the US president.


All of this is possible because of memory techniques. If I didn’t have memory techniques, I would have never learned this information because it would of been hard and BORING! But this is not the main reason why I love memory techniques. Memory techniques have taken me around the world. I’ve done a game show in China and California, went to Las Vegas for the Mind Olympics, went to London for the word memory championship, went to Canada for a memory competition I won, and the list goes on!

So I have been able to travel to all these places because of memory techniques, but it’s still not the reason why I love them. There is one reason why I love memory techniques above all other reasons.The reason I love them the most is because you get to unleash your imagination and just have fun. There’s no rules with memory techniques. No one can say, “You can’t picture that. That’s wrong.”

You could picture whatever you want and have fun with it. In life, you always have to be in these fine lines. You have to be logical. You can’t just be randomly creative. If you ever meet me person, I make stories up all the time that make no sense. Like if a vase fell off a table, I would say the vase fell off because there was an earthquake due to all these gummy bears coming out of the Earth’s crust trying to take Earth over.You would probably think that is a little extreme for a vase falling off the table haha

I find making stories really fun plus they make me laugh. Memory techniques allow me to make stories all the time when I am memorizing or learning information. I promise you if memory techniques were not fun, I would never use them. I’m the type of person where if something is boring and lame, I stop. If I had to memorize 500 digits without memory techniques, I would just get up and walk away haha Uh no thank you! No forget (haha) to enjoy being creative and imaginative!

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