How To Remember Where You Placed Your Items


Don’t you hate not being able to find your phone, purse, or keys when you are about to leave your house? If so, you NEED to learn this memory technique so it never happens again! When you lose your keys, you always check the table because that is where you always place your keys.

You are totally shocked when the keys aren’t there then you start phase two. You start turning your house upside down to find your keys. Flipping cushions. Checking the fridge. Under your bed. You finally decide to give up and of course, you find the keys in the weirdest place like on your bookcase. What are the keys doing there!?

I’m going to give you a technique which will kill this problem for you. This is how it works: When you’re placing an item down, you are going to pause and create a story between the item and the location you’re placing the item. Let’s say you are placing down your book.

The location you are placing the book, I don’t know why you are placing it here, is the toilet! Well, the back of the toilet. Pause and create a story. You walk into the bathroom and see your book using the toilet. The book flushes the toilet, but gets sucked by the water down the hole.

When you’re ready to go and you need your book , you think about where is your book. Thinking about the book triggers the story you made with it. “Oh yeah. My book was using the toilet and got flushed.

My book is on the toilet!” You’re able to remember exactly where your book is because of this little story. Then all you do to recall is think, “where is my blank?” This question is going to trigger the story, and the story is going to give you the location. Can’t you see how simple but amazing this technique is!

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