One Simple Way To Improve Your Concentration

You don’t have to learn all sorts of techniques in order to improve your concentration. There is a simple thing you can do right know that will instantly improve your concentration! Let’s all be honest. When you’re learning information, you probably have a TV show going on, eating food, listening to music, or have five tabs up on your computer.

It’s no surprise that when you reach the end of a page, you pause and think, “What did I just learn or read?” You have no idea even though you saw the words, but you’re clueless about what you actually learned or retained from the page. You are trying to multitask when learning and studying. You can’t multitask because your brain is wired to do one thing at a time.

You might think you’re being more efficient and productive by doing multiple things. Nope! You’re just splitting your attention and concentration. There is no way I could ever memorize a deck of cards and watch a TV show at the same time. Impossible. The deck of cards requires my full concentration. When I memorize, I’m in the zone, and everything else gets blocked out. The deck of cards is the only thing that matters at the time.

When you’re trying to learn information, you can’t have all these distractions around you because they ruin your concentration on the task at hand. What you have to do is go into blackout mode. If you’re on your phone all the time, turn it off which would work because you’re probably too lazy to turn your phone back on just to look at a message. I know I am haha If you are always surfing the internet, unplug your internet connection.

You just have to find ways to block everything out. You are pretty much setting up all these barriers to prevent the distractions. Once you have all the distractions gone, you can solely concentrate on what you are learning and actually remember it!

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