What You Can Do With Memory Techniques?


Memory techniques can help you learn languages, books, equations, vocabulary, and son on, but how far can you push the abilities of memory techniques? What can do you with memory techniques? Most people go to the store to buy groceries which is normal! On the other hand, I go to the store memorize the groceries on the shelves haha

Why? Because I can! Most people go to the library to read books. I go to library to memorize the title and author for the book! I do these type of things because I’m always looking to challenge myself with memory techniques. Is there anything that I cannot use memory techniques to memorize? So I go and try to memorize weird things. People probably think, “ Why is this person looking so intently at these grocery items? This guy is nuts!”

I even had to memorize cow patterns at one point for a game show in China. I had to memorize keys with numbers on them and which door they belong to on a game show I did in California. Regular people want to memorize/learn books, vocabulary, languages, binary numbers, cards, and random words. But I think to myself what is something no one would think about memorizing like food on the shelves or keys.

Don’t think I am just this crazy memory guy because when you start learning more memory techniques and see what your memory is capable of, you will join the club! Plus people will be super impress with your memory ability. For example: If you memorized a deck of cards in 10 minutes, people will be blown away because they thought it was impossible to memorize a deck of cards. People are going to wonder how you were able to do such a memory feat.

This is when you can share memory techniques with them. The crazier and weirder the things you are memorizing, the more impress people will be. I even thought about memorizing patterns on the floor on carpets. using memory techniques isn’t about being all serious even if you are learning material for a test. You are suppose to have fun using them and what’s more fun than memorize random things!

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