Memory Game: Connect The Words

Oh no, a memory game!? Relax! Most memory improvement games are BS, but this memory game will actually help you improve your memory and your skill for using memory techniques. The game is called: Connect the Words. You’re going to give yourself a whole bunch of words that have pairs with each other so bed — pen, chicken — book, and house — pizza.


The point of the game is to connect these two words together and be able to recall either word in the pair when given one word. You can either give yourself a time limit like you have five minutes to memorize as many pairs as possible. Or you can give yourself a limited number of pairs and try to memorize them as quickly as possible. It’s totally up to you on how you want to set the game up.

Let’s say I have five minutes to connect these pairs of words: bed — pen, chicken — book, and house — pizza, Bed -Pen. Maybe I see this pen jumping on a bed, and the pen explodes covering the bed in ink. Next pair is chicken — book. Maybe I see a chicken laying a book instead of an egg. You you keep doing this process for all the pairs of words in those five minutes. Then you are ready to quiz yourself to see if you can recall the pairs. You see only one word in the pair and recall the other word.


What is the word connected with pen? Oh yeah. This pen exploded and got ink everywhere on this bed. The pair word is bed. What word was connected with chicken? This chicken laid a book instead of an egg. So the pair word is book. If you can’t recall a word, it’s okay and you just move on. This memory game focuses on creating stories quickly between two words because when you’re using memory techniques, you have these images you have to create stories out of.

The game helps build your memory speed when you are using memory techniques. Unlike those other fake memory improvement games, this game actually serves a purpose in improving your memory. You are should have fun with this game because you are picturing crazy and creative stories.

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