Names Exercise: Random Names

Names are all around use so it makes sense to prepare yourself to memorize names. This exercise can be done when you are on Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter so there is no excuse! You will master memorizing names in no time!

All you're going to do is get a whole bunch of random names and create images for them. This is like the word exercise you learn for words, but there is a hidde benefit here. Once you create an image for a name, subconsciously that image is kind attached to that name. For example: If you have the name John, and the image you picture for John is a toilet. You don't have to make a system and drill the image to the name.

Some people make a name system which I see the value, but it really doesn't make sense. You want to get great at the skill of changing names into images. Let's say this is the first time you seen the name John and created the image of toilet for the name.

The next time you have a John subconsciously you will think of the image toilet because you made it once already. This is point of the exercise. So if you're on Facebook scrolling through the feed, you're going to see all these names, right? This is when you practice your skill of creating images for the different names you're seeing.

You never know when you will meet someone. If it's at a store, at a party, at the gym, or wherever, you want to be prepared to memorize someone's name just in case you meet somebody. What makes the exercise so easy is that you can do it when you are on social media! But I do recommend doing the exercise with a list of random names so you don't get distracted by other things. But hey, it's up to you on how you want to do this exercise!

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