Don't Always Create Memory Systems | Memory Training Tips #4

You might think creating memory systems would always make learning material easier and faster. Uh nope! Creating memory systems all the time can actually hurt you! Creating some systems can be a complete waste of time and energy.


The type of information will determine if creating a system will be useful or not. Take equations as an example. If you created a symbol system, you would be able to use it on any equation that comes your way. The symbol system can be used in many situations not just one. But let's say you want to create a word system of the most common words.

First, you don't know exactly which words are common in every context plus how many words do you create images for. 100? 1000? The main problem is you may never use some of your system because the words might not come up. In general, a system is going to be useful if there is an limited amount of information because it ends. On the other hand, never create a system for endless information because you can always create a bigger and bigger system with no end.

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